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Covid 19 Update on Starjumpz Services

We are supporting children, young people and families with our telehealth services while we wait for government advice regarding resuming face to face appointments.  Services include assessments, therapies, consultations and specialist parent coaching to support children with additional needs at home.


The success of these services means that we will include the option to use telehealth services in the future.


Resources and support can be found on our Facebook page
This includes recorded events, new events, interactive live videos, Q & A sessions, webinars and resources.
Many of the Starjumpz team have contributed to the theme we have run on supporting children and young people with anxiety.
  • Autism and or ADHD and anxiety with Dr Georgie Siggers Neurodevelopmental Paediatrician
  • Sensory processing and anxiety with Anya Kennedy and Jo Brett
  • Communication and anxiety with Liz Van Graan Speech and Language Therapist
  • Anxiety from a functional medicine perspective with Dr Liz Corcoran
  • Practical play therapy session with Peet Naude and Jo Brett to support children with anxiety
  • Special diets and nutrition for neurodevelopmental conditions with Abir Hamza Goodacre Clinical Nutritionist
There is also a video presentation from Dr Georgie Siggers on how the telehealth diagnostic assessments are being carried out, and from Jo Brett and Anya Kennedy on the occupational therapy assessments and therapy sessions.


Special Offer on Functional Medicine and Nutritional Therapy in May and June
30% off consultations.  With children at home now is a great time to make diet and lifestyle changes to improve physical and mental health, behaviour, mood and sleep and to optimise learning and function, as well as to protect the immune system.


We will update this news page when we have more information from the government about resuming services at the centre. We are making preparations for this so we will be ready to open taking appropriate measures to keep everyone safe.

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