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Cranial Electrotherapy

Cranial Electrotherapy –  Alpha-Stim Device 

Treatment of Sleeping Difficulties, Anxiety and Depression

Alpha Stim is a clinically proven medical device that relieves anxiety, insomnia and depression using electromedical technology. Alpha-Stim generates a unique patented waveform. Unlike medications which are introduced in a chemical form and then broken down into smaller components such as electrons, Alpha-Stim begins at the electron level, allowing your body’s cells to return to their natural functioning state.  Alpha-Stim provides long lasting, cumulative relief without the risk of negative effects such as tolerance, side effects and addiction to medications.

The current is applied with easy to use ear clips that attach to the ear lobes for at least 20 minutes several times a week, or on an as needed basis. The Alpha-Stim can help induce a pleasant relaxed feeling of well being. While Alpha-Stim technology is significantly effective when used correctly, it does not work for everyone.

Child being treated with the Alpha-Stim Aid at Starjumpz

The picture above shows a child using the Alpha-Stim aid for improving sleep and reducing anxiety. Small ear clips attach to ear lobes and a low electrical waveform is passed through the brain which cannot be felt by the child. The child can wear the aid and do activities such as drawing, puzzles, reading, watching TV.  For some children treatment is best done at night when they are asleep.

What to expect from treatment?

Anxiety reduction is usually experienced during a single treatment and may last for hours thereafter.

Insomnia/ Sleeping difficulties usually improve after the initial treatment but may take 3 weeks before a significant change is seen. For best results, most people use the Alpha-Stim 3 hours prior to bedtime. It can also be used when awakened in the night.

Depression typically takes at least 3 weeks or more of daily treatment to experience significant improvement.

Once symptoms have improved, use of Alpha-Stim 2-3 times a week or less are usually sufficient to maintain good results.

The Alpha-Stim Aid can be purchased or hired from Starjumpz:

Cost of Alpha-Stim Aid:   £ 549

Cost to Hire Alpha-Stim Aid:  £ 45 per week



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