Pioneering services for children with learning, developmental, motor and behavioural challenges

Education and Training

As well as providing therapy services, Starjumpz is dedicated to the provision of cutting edge training and education programmes for professionals and parents alike. Only by continuing to learn can we continue to improve the lives of the children we are here to help.

Our conference facilities provide the opportunity to cater for both small groups and larger audiences and allow for practical demonstration of techniques and equipment as well as formal presentation and audience interaction.

Professional training courses, run by leading experts in their field, address the most up to date scientific research, practical applications and future thinking. Coordinated by Starjumpz Directors, Jo Brett and Dimitrios Mylonadis, who have considerable training experience, they aim to challenge, inform and develop professionals who want to further their understanding and develop their careers.

Parent workshops are designed to inform and educate parents in order to increase their understanding of the issues their children face and the approaches that might be of help to them in their daily lives.

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