Pioneering services for children with learning, developmental, motor and behavioural challenges

Conferences for Parents and Professionals

Since its launch conference in 2012, Starjumpz will continue to address what is new and exciting in the treatment of children with learning and development disorders, bringing in experts from a variety of fields to share and discuss their experience and recommendations.

The 2013 year conference was entitled “Pioneering Approaches to Transform Children’s Lives” and was held on Friday May 17th 2013. Bringing together internationally renowned experts from the USA and UK, the programme addressed learning difficulties from multiple angles from what is going on inside the child’s body, to how to enable the child to overcome their difficulties and accelerate their learning, development and well being. There was opportunity to meet and learn from people working with and supporting children by visiting the exhibition as well as finding out about new resources.

Dr Lucy Jane Miller was our Keynote speaker at the 2013 conference, her lecture was entitled ‘Thinking Outside the Box’.

In 2014 we held an Open Evening on October 2nd. This enabled parents, teachers and health professionals to meet the Starjumpz team. The evening included live demonstrations of Neurofeedback treatment and Sensory Integration therapy.

Email for information on talks and open evenings planned for 2016.

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