Pioneering services for children with learning, developmental, motor and behavioural challenges

Parent Workshops and Events

It is never easy being the parent/s of a child with learning and/or behavioural and development difficulties. However it is often helpful to try and understand why your child may act and behave in the way they do. Given this knowledge it becomes easier to understand what sort of treatment approaches may be relevant and how using such approaches may help them.

Starjumpz is dedicated to providing parents with the guidance and support they need to understand and help their children. As well as the advice and support given in one to one consultations and therapy sessions, we run a variety of workshops and events involving our team and the specialists associated with our centre. In this way we can cover a range of subjects from sensory integration to biomedical and nutritional approaches, the importance of wellbeing, behavioural therapy and parenting issues. We will often include parent speakers in our workshops who can talk about their own experience with their children, give advice concerning therapies and share ideas on how to help.

To find out more about what support and training is available to parents and to book attendance at workshops and events, please call us on 01892 660085 or email us on


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