Pioneering services for children with learning, developmental, motor and behavioural challenges

Occupational Therapy Intensive Courses

As well as daily therapy sessions from Monday through Saturday, Starjumpz offers intensive residential courses. These are of particular help to families who do not live near to the centre or may even be visiting from abroad. These are also appropriate for children for whom an intensive approach (followed by weekly sessions) may have greater impact.

Children may be seen by more than one therapist each day for a week and receive a number of different inputs according to their individual needs. Families will stay nearby in local accommodation visiting the centre daily.

Follow up programmes are offered with email or Skype consultations to assess progress, refine goals and provide continued intervention and support. We also encourage the use of video to record progress and use video to demonstrate new activities and techniques.

Courses include:

  • Intensive therapy
  • Multidisciplinary intensive therapy
  • Therapy & personalised wellbeing programme for child & family

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