Pioneering services for children with learning, developmental, motor and behavioural challenges

Physiotherapy Assessments

Children are primarily assessed through physical examination to establish muscle strength in different parts of the body and any postural and coordination problems such as impaired movement range. They may be asked to perform certain exercises to establish any movement and coordination problems. A medical history will be taken and parents may be asked to complete a Parent Questionaire and schools, a Teacher Comment Form to gain insight into the child’s ability and difficulties in the home and school environment.

Once the assessment process is complete (this may take a few hours on more than one occasion), a report will be compiled highlighting the child’s strengths and challenges and outlining therapeutic recommendations, strategies and advice for the way forward. If required for medico-legal purposes such as a special educational needs tribunal, the assessment and report are likely to be highly detailed.

Parents will be invited to the clinic to discuss the findings and treatment recommendations. A therapy programme will be devised taking into account available resources and the child and family’s individual circumstances. If the child requires OT or other therapies in conjunction with physiotherapy, the programme will be devised in collaboration with other Starjumpz therapists/associate specialists.

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