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Physiotherapy IEP, Statement and Tribunal Support

Children with learning and/or behavioural difficulties are likely to have an IEP (Individual Education Programme) at school. This programme recognises key difficulties and sets out targets to address them. The IEP should be regularly reviewed to ensure that progress against specific targets is being made.

When children are not making progress or parents/the school have continuing concerns, it is advisable to apply to the relevant local authority for a Statement of Special Needs. This document will lay out the child’s difficulties in greater detail and include which interventions the school or Borough should provide. This often includes occupational therapy and speech and language therapy and sometimes physiotherapy. If physiotherapy is indicated as a result of a child’s assessment it is important to state this specific requirement in the Statement.

It is sometimes the case that a Local Authority turns down a parent or school’s request to apply for a Statement of Special Needs or include a specific therapy or support a specific choice of school. The parents may then need to go into a Tribunal process in which they must fight for the specific situation they desire.

Starjumpz can help families at all stages by:
a) Getting a therapist involved in setting up the IEP in conjunction with teachers and SENCo at their child’s school
b) Providing an in depth report for the assessment phase of the Statement outlining the child’s needs from a speech and language perspective
c) Helping parents with the wording required for the Statement of Special needs to ensure the right sort of provision is being made
d) Attending tribunal meetings as necessary to support parents in getting what they need for their child.

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