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Starjumpz expands into fabulous new premises in Crowborough

Starjumpz Children's Centre  The Old Saw Mill

  Starjumpz Children’s Centre
The Old Saw Mill


We are very excited to be in our new home as we expand our services. The Old Saw Mill, Gillridge Lane, Crowborough, TN6 1UP.

Expanding our services:

Diagnostic Paediatric assessments, including assessments for Autism, ADHD, Dsypraxia and Neurodevelopmental conditions.

New MOT Developmental Checks for all children with our Consultant Paediatrician Dr Georgie Siggers.  Early intervention is key.  We  are offering these Developmental Checks in order to provide any help and support required for children as soon as they need it. This can reduce the impact of any difficulties on the child’s learning and development.

Clinics with Dr Daniel Goyal, environmental physician to treat children with autism and related neurodevelopmental conditions. His approach combines nutritional and environmental medicine in an integrative way to help improve the health and behaviour of those diagnosed with neurodevelopmental conditions.

More multidisciplinary therapy services, Neurofeedback training, Behavioural consultancy, Coming soon; Group sessions, Parent Support Group.

The view from Starjumpz Children's Centre

The view from Starjumpz Children’s Centre

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