Pioneering services for children with learning, developmental, motor and behavioural challenges


Occupational Therapy Assessments

These are tailored to the individual child’s requirements and age and are likely to include:

  • Clinical observations – postural control,muscle tone, reflexes, bilateral integration, balance, underlying developmental challenges. Sensory system and perceptual motor function. Visual, Auditory, Tactile, Proprioceptive, Vestibular.
  • Motor Planning, organisation and praxis.
  • Assessment of fine and gross motor skills, including handwriting skills
  • Visual Motor Screening
  • Visual Perceptual Screening
  • Sensory profiling which is especially valuable where there is poor attention or distractibility, sensitivity to touch, poor body position awareness, auditory processing difficulties and behavioural difficulties

For some children this may include assessment of independence in activities of daily living and for older children and young adults; life skills.

Our Assessments

  • Comprehensive Assessments including standardized testing and clinical observations
  • Statement of Educational Need : Assessments and Reports
  • Tribunals: Assessment and Reports / Attendance at Tribunal Hearings

Before Assessment

Prior to the assessment, we will ask that you complete a Parent Questionnaire and Sensory Profile form, and ask if the school can complete a Teacher Comment Form.

After Assessment

After two to three weeks (depending on holiday times) a report will be sent to you which gives age related scores, strengths of your child and their challenges with therapeutic recommendations, guidance, strategies and advice for the way forward.

We offer appointments following assessment with parents to discuss findings of the report and recommendations.

If therapy is recommended this will be discussed and a programme devised taking into consideration resources and the child and family’s individual circumstances.

Treatment may be carried out at the centre with home and school activities to support it, and sometimes it can be offered at home or in the school environment.

Sensory Integration Therapy is offered in the state of the art Rompa rooms at the centre. Treatment is motivating, fun and highly enjoyable!

School visits by therapists can be arranged to ensure the school fully understands the needs of the child and how best to support the child in the school environment.

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