Pioneering services for children with learning, developmental, motor and behavioural challenges

Our Services

Starjumpz aims to empower children and young adults with learning, development, motor and/or behavioural problems to overcome their difficulties and live a rich and fulfilling life. Children can be referred directly to Starjumpz by their parents, or though their GP or other local services.

At Starjumpz, we help children and young adults who present with any of the following:

  • Balance and coordination problems, poor gross, fine motor and oral motor control (eg clumsiness, difficulties climbing or hopping, trouble using a knife and fork, doing up buttons, brushing teeth, holding a pencil etc.).
  • Variable or low muscle tone, poor postural control and lack of strength.
  • Delays in academic achievement or ability e.g. writing, maths.
  • Lack of attention and focus, or hyperactivity.
  • Delays in speech and language (formation of words, tone of speech, appropriate use of language).
  • Poor organisation and planning (untidy, forgetful, difficulties starting and keeping on task).
  • Over or under sensitivity to touch, movement, sights or sounds (eg fixations on or avoidance of certain sounds, sights, smells etc.).
  • Difficulty with social participation and interaction.
  • Poor self esteem, anxiety or depression.
  • Insomnia.
  • Behaviour difficulties.
  • Difficulties with self-help and life skills such as toileting, washing, diary planning, etc.
  • Demand Avoidance.
  • Physical issues or “symptoms” such as excessive thirst, inability to control temperature, gut and toileting problems, allergies (e.g. hay fever, eczema) frequent viral infections or ones which take a long time to clear up. Things such as glue ear, runny nose, red ears/face, dark shadows under the eyes, pale skin/pasty, aches, cramps, tiredness can also be a sign of other underlying issues.

For more information on the services that we can provide to help with the above concerns, please see the ‘our services’ tab.






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