Pioneering services for children with learning, developmental, motor and behavioural challenges


Max’s Mum 

Max was displaying signs of extreme anxiety within the school environment. He was unable to work independently and needed one to one support to go about his day. He became aggressive towards his peers and school were struggling to support his needs.

Through regular OT and Neurofeedback sessions Max has made an entire turnaround. He is no longer aggressive, uncompliant or oppositional. He is excelling within the classroom and no longer requires ANY additional support. Max still attends regular OT sessions to fulfil his sensory needs.

Max’s teachers are delighted with the changes they see in Max. To highlight the change the teacher notified me of a writing assessment Max had completed. He sat silently for 25 minutes writing. At his previous assessment, 8 weeks prior, he was unable to write anything, was distracting others and hiding under a table!

The services at Starjumpz are first class! The friendliest, kindest, most knowledgeable group of experts.

Max thinks Starjumpz is ‘playtime’, I think that says it all!

I only wish this service was more widely available in order to reach more children.

 (Max received Occupational Therapy and Neurofeedback)

Mrs A, Katie’s Mum 

Before starting at Starjumpz, Katie was being held back at school by poor handwriting and difficulty with co-ordination and sports. These difficulties led to frustration, with a knock-on impact on her behaviour and relationships with friends. Starjumpz has helped us as parents to understand Katie’s difficulties and how to support her to overcome them.

Katie loves coming to Starjumpz – she works hard but has lots of fun at the same time and can see the progress she is making. With Jo’s                    encouragement, she has grown in confidence and her school results have improved dramatically.

It has been such a delight to see Katie blossom and she is now a happy, confident child who loves school and is achieving her potential.                    (Although she would still rather not do PE if she can avoid it!)

I really could not ask for more as a parent and am very proud of what Katie has achieved with Jo’s help.

            Katie, aged 9 years

I like hanging upside down in the bolster swing, it makes me feel confident about myself if I do it long enough.

When I was tiny I had stage fright, if I had not come to Starjumpz there is no way I would have done the play I did yesterday. (Lead narrator              of Treasure Island).

I think my aim is better than it used to be. I remember my PE kit now. When I played tennis I was a lot better than I expected to be.

(Katie received Sensory Integration Therapy & Occupational Therapy)

            Tom’s Mum 

My son Tom has been coming to Starjumpz since November last year as he suffers from SPD (sensory processing disorder) and some other              ASD difficulties. It was a refreshing change to hear that Tom could be helped with his difficulties because as a parent I was on a steep                        learning curve myself to try and understand what was happening to him. The team at Starjumpz were really friendly and welcoming and                    kept things simple and easy for me to understand. It was a real pleasure to begin to see Tom respond so well to treatment (he never wants                  to go home after therapy!) and even though he thinks it’s all just fun and games the results can be seen by both his teachers and with us at                home. Tom is still a challenge but the therapy has definitely given him a way to regulate his behaviour and he’s now starting to cope better                with the world around him.

 (Tom received Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration Therapy)

             Testimonial from Anna’s Mum, Leisa Stoddart.  

Anna (aged 3 years), was not meeting milestones in comparison to her twin sister. After the first review and assessment by Paediatrician it was suggested that her troubles were closely linked to autism. I came across with Starjumpz details on the national Autistic website and immediately asked for an assessment. Jo & the team helped us to understand Anna’s struggles and how we could help her in order to get where she should be.

Jo & the team have worked closely on Anna’s attention span, co-ordination, physical development, important eye contact and speech. Anna had  combinations of support including neurofeedback, and used to have combined sessions where OT and speech therapy followed after 30 minutes of neurofeedback. Anna has responded to this pioneering therapy very well. After each session she would be more alert, determined to do certain tasks and very vocal.

I would recommend neurofeedback to any family to try as it is completely harmless ( I would say interesting and fascinating) and it helped Anna to get where she is today.

The services we  received at Starjumpz were excellent! Anna was so excited to go to each sessions at Starjumpz that she used to grab Jo’s /Sarah’s hands and lead them to the staircase impatiently waiting to start. Flying butterflies are being particularly missed (something that Anna hugely enjoyed during her neurofeedback sessions)

(Anna received help from the Paediatrician, Occupational Therapy, Speech & Language Therapy and Neurofeedback)

Testimonial from Caroline Giemza on Neurofeedback Treatment

In Oct 2013 my 10 year old daughter, Ella, was diagnosed with ADHD. After diagnosis the NHS were no help at all. We were offered medication and were told that behavioural therapy would be helpful.

After a little research I discovered that the medication on offer had many side effects and it’s pharmacological make up was scarily similar to cocaine!

We opted not to give Ella medication and decided to seek alternative help.  To start with we concentrated on Ella’s nutrition and ensured she wasn’t eating anything that would exacerbate her symptoms.   We then heard about Starjumpz so in April 2014 Ella had an assessment which highlighted many sensory processing problems and in July 2014 we started Ella on a course of Neurofeedback.

Neurofeedback treatment is very cutting edge in England but I discovered that in the USA it’s regularly used to treat ADHD and other problems,

Before treatment Ella’s symptoms were; hyper talkative, hyperactive, trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, tics caused by anxiety, headaches, poor concentration, poor short term memory, tantrums, very young emotional maturity, very unorganised and many other problems.

After 20 sessions Ella has made exciting progress, we’ve seen a vast improvement in all the above symptoms! Ella’s tics & headaches have completely gone. Ella now has no problem getting to sleep & staying asleep. Her concentration and organisational skills have improved. For example Ella now gets up, gets dressed, makes her own breakfast, cleans her teeth, packs her bag and leaves the house at the correct time then walks with a friend to school as practice for starting senior school this Sept!  As you can see from this Ella’s emotional maturity has also greatly improved. I wouldn’t have believed this would be possible 6 months ago!  Ella seems calmer all round. It’s wonderful to see our little girl so happy and in control.  She’s still more hyperactive than kids without ADHD and she loves to chat but she can control it now when reminded.

We are amazed at what this treatment has done for Ella and will be forever grateful to Jo and all the Starjumpz team.

Testimonials from clients of Dr Georgie Siggers, Consultant Paediatrician at Starjumpz

…You are one of the most highly knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated Doctors we have ever had the privilege of working with.

….You make such a difference personally to the lives of children you see.

….Words cannot explain how truly grateful we are for your help and support. Your report is perfect. You must hear this a lot but I cannot thank you enough for seeing us and helping us with X. I’ve read a lot about Autistic Spectrum Disorder now and it makes sense. We understand X more now than ever before and you helped us with that. Thank you a million times!! I don’t know what would have happened with X if it wasn’t for you! He certainly wouldn’t be getting any help or support in school that’s for sure. Thank you again for your support.

…Re: X – thanks very much for explaining things so comprehensively to me on Friday. I really appreciated the time you took, and the effort made to go through things with me.’   Best wishes,

…..Thank you again for your support, kindness and humanity during the appointments, and in preparing this report.

…..Thank you for your time and support, it is greatly appreciated. Your help has really made a difference and X is flourishing at school now.

….Thank you for this helpful report. I have had a lovely email from Mrs D saying what a difference it has made to X since she saw you.

…Thank you so much for Monday. You were superb.

…Thank you very much for your time and support yesterday. H and I both agreed that the very tangible positive from the meeting was your expertise, your communication style and very collaborative approach, which is of great comfort to us during what is a difficult time for our family.

…L seems calmer and generally happier with diagnosis and that something is being done to help.

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