Pioneering Approaches to Transform Children’s Lives Conference

Parents, Teachers & Health Professionals book now for Pioneering Approaches to Transform Children’s Lives conference on Friday May 17th. This event is bringing together internationally renowned experts from the USA and UK including Dr Lucy Miller author of Sensational Kids and founder of the Sensory Processing Foundation and Dr Goyal of Sincere Health. The programme will address learning difficulties from multiple angles from what is going on inside the child’s body, to how to enable the child to overcome their difficulties and accelerate their learning, development and well being. You will get the chance to meet and learn from people working with and supporting children by visiting our exhibition as well as finding out about new resources.

Teachers and Health professionals don’t miss the oportunity to attend Integrated Practitioner Training and Latest & Greatest in Treatment of Sensory Processing Disorder. From May 13th.

AND you can join us for a free talk on The Integrated Listening System, Monday 13th May 6.30pm to 8pm with US Occupational Therapist from iLs.

For more details on our 2013 annual conference and to book your attendance please see

Teachers and health professionals

Since its launch conference in 2012, Starjumpz annual conference will continue to address what is new and exciting in the treatment of children with learning and development disorders, bringing in experts from a variety of fields to discuss their experience and recommendations.

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